Repair Care Training Course

Windowcare Systems Training by Repair Care in Chingford, North-East London

train with the experts from repair care international

What is the Windowcare Systems training course by Repair Care?

New to the system? Need to get qualified for a large job? Already familar with the system but keen to further your knowledge?
Windowcare Systems' wood repair system from Repair Care International is notoriously easy to learn and use but If you want or need to take your knowledge and experience farther, then the half-day training course that Repair Care International run down here at Windowcare Systems' dedicated training facility @ County Construction Chemicals in Chingford, North-East London (just off the north circular, in between Walthamstow and Edmonton) is the ideal solution!
What should you expect to do on the training Course?
For a one-off fee for a half-day's training, you and/or your operatives will receive in-depth, theory and practical tuition on the course, taken by Repair Care International's UK experts; Richard Vincent and Bob Cherry. For approximately 5 hours, you'll; watch a presentation, get the chance to ask questions and then try the system (hands-on) for yourself. (hot & cold refreshments given free of charge)
What benefits will I recieve from attending the Repair Care training Course in Chingford, North-East London?
As well as receiving a certification from the manufacturers Repair Care, you'll also continue to receive job referals and recommendations from ourselves (Windowcare Systems - Part of County Construction Chemicals) as CERTIFIED CONTRACTORS, which is usually area of operation and specialist work specific. We receive lots of enquiries for contractors skilled in the Windowcare Systems wood repair system from Repair Care International, and are pleased to offer our reliable customer's details to the potential clients! Contact REPAIR CARE UK directly to book your training in Chingford, London E4 now.