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painters pitstop forum

An International community forum for Professional Painters & Decorators. Primarily based in the UK. Chat about business & marketing etc, with the odd joke too. There is a wealth of knowledge on this website and some completely unbiased opinions for trade professionals and others to provide tips and ideas for your work.

Repair Care International Wood Repair System

Repair Care International (formerly Window Care Systems) started an exhaustive development programme in 1987. This resulted in the introduction of a total concept for long-term maintenance of wood in 1989. The vision behind this concept was, and continues to be, repair instead of unnecessary replacement.

County Construction Chemicals Mastic Silicone Sealants & More

Our main company website is fully comprehensive and provides lots of information on all of our products, including some amazing mastic joint sealant colour cards to help you pick your ideal coloured sealant. There's technical datasheets and material safety data sheets available as well as full descriptions of our products and solutions to problems.

Online Silicones, Adhesives & Wood Repair

Our Eshop was established in August 2012, supplying our exisiting, huge range of coloured silicones and other mastic colours, speicialist waterproofing, wood repair and concrete repair materials. The entire Windowcare System complete with all ancillary products can be purchased on this website with price breaks for boxed quantities and special offer deals.