Frequently asked wood repair questions

Answers to the most common Repaircare International Windowcare Systems questions

How long and where has Repair Care International's Window Care System been used for the repair and maintenance of wood?

In January 1989 the first products were officially introduced to the market. Since then, there have been over 250,000 applications of the products. Currently the Repaircare International products are being used in various climate zones in a wide variety of international projects in Europe, the USA, the Carribean and the Far East.

Is it possible to paint over DRY FLEX®?

Yes, of course! Once cured, DRY FLEX® should be sanded, like wood and then it can be painted or stained in the usual way. Not only that, but the surface can then be drilled into, screwed into, nailed into and/or bonded onto!

With the use of the DRY FIX® & DRY FLEX® & DRY SEAL® products, will ALL paint systems adhere to and work with the epoxy resin etc?

Since 1989, extensive tests have been completed with all known paint systems. After testing, DRY FLEX® performed extremely well with all types of paint including alkyd and acrylic resin paints.

Wood Repair Questions?

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